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Have you been finding yourself wanting to make some extra cash online? Perhaps you are attracted to the idea of being your own boss, and working anywhere in the world? This website is designed for you, to help you decide why, how and what to sell online, freeing you to pursue your lifestyle, on your own terms.”

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Without a plan in place, you will find online sales very difficult. There are so many options out there that even business experts are often flummoxed when deciding on an online business model. We aim to help you choose not only what to sell, but how and where to sell it on the internet.

About R Kingsley

I am currently living the “laptop lifestyle,” residing in three different parts of the world. To get to this point in my life, I’ve tried all sorts of online business: MLMs and network marketing, investments, eBay selling, content marketing, freelancing and digital advertising.

We have launched this website as a resource to anyone who wants to succeed in living life on their own terms. It has been the result of unfathomable hours of research and personal experiences, and I hope that my own recommendations help you as much as they have helped me.

About the website

This website is based around the four most successful startup models for an online business: Freelancing your skills internationally via the internet, Buying and selling products via online stores, Selling products on behalf of wholesalers and affiliate marketing.

You will also notice a few entries on other online “money making opportunities,” however I have found the four methods above to be the most helpful in reaching the goal of a full time income from online sales.

About R Kingsley’s method of success

It takes a while to start earning, however my absolute favourite method of selling online is via affiliate marketing. The startup costs are almost nil, all you need is a little education and an internet connection.

For those of you who are truly adventurous and ready to become 100% self employed as fast as possible, my key to success has been a mix of freelancing and affiliate marketing. Using the income I earned from freelancing part time, I was able to develop my online sales strategy in my remaining time and now enjoy a mix of activities, all on my own terms.

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At whattosellonline.org, we practice what we preach. You will find affiliate links through this site that may pay compensation to this website if you purchase anything after clicking on them.

We will only provide honest opinions and reviews, so if this site is providing value to you, please follow those links and help us keep providing you with this valuable information.

More information is available here: Disclaimers and Privacy.

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We truly hope that you can discover exactly what to sell online to give you the financial and lifestyle rewards you desire.

-R Kingsley, May, 2016